Heed the news of the Poncho Pilots

Poncho Pilots at Strawberry Fair?!

By Poncho Pilots News, May 15 2017 05:44PM

Apparent photographic evidence of the Poncho Pilots was recently obtained at a sighting in Grantchester. (Pictured above, the pilots themselves sighting something else)

Usually these kind of photos turn out to be hoaxes, but this time we believe it to be genuine! Several eyewitnesses corroborate the rumours that the Poncho Pilots themselves visited this dimension.

Normally this would be exciting news for any amateur ponchologist, but wait: there's more! We have a hot tip off from a highly trusted but undisclosed source that the Poncho Pilots are still within the local interdimensional portal network and all astrological indications point to their imminent re-appearance!!

Our triangulations and estimations place the approximate date and time of this fortuitous occurance at the 1st of june, somewhere on a stretch of open ground in the city of Cambridge called Midsummer Common. This seems to coincide with the Strawberry Fair, a local annual festival! What does this mean?? Stay tuned, we will investigate further!

May 29 2017 02:51PM by fredrik jenkins

pfft! the poncho pilots are an urban legend. I'll believe it when I see it

Aug 23 2017 07:39PM by Percy Bliggins

I say it be true, i saw dem ponchy pilates, i saw dem wib me own ays! Dey may be a legen but i say it is a true legen!

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